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neeeeeed japanese to english translators to translate a game called chu-teng

basically it’s a surreal point and click adventure game. it’s the sequel to an existing game called eastern mind: the lost souls of tong-nou and was thought to have been lost, but about a year ago we found it. it’s made by the guy who made lsd: dream emulator as well, so it’s pretty freaky.

i have someone translating already, but they’re gonna be busy for a few months, so i will need someone to fill in for them for that time - to lift some work off their shoulders as well as to speed the translation progress up a bit. i’ve been waiting for a year to get this done and finally we’re making some progress. so far it’s around ~15% done with first drafts i guess.

please contact me if you can help

hi i’m helping to translate this weird yet cool game, but it’s going very slowly because i’m only one person and i’m currently super busy with school.

i’d really really appreciate it if you reblogged this post to help us find some translators who might be willing to offer their assistance!!